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    About Peg Duchesne

    Peg Duchesne is a real “people person.”  She is a seasoned networker who loves to help businesses and individuals craft their unique message and deliver it to their market.  She’s a marketing strategist and communications consultant, a “message therapist,” some might say.  She comes from a background in the legal field and has a strong sense of service.  She served over sixteen years in the Army Reserves and sits on the board of St. Mary’s College in Southern Maryland.  She’s a valuable resource for anyone attempting to learn and grow their business.



    CAREGIVER: Reflections on the challenges and rewards of being a caregiver for a loved one

    It’s been over four years since I moved in to my Mom’s home to become her primary caregiver, when she was diagnosed

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    The Power of Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden

    Juice Plus+ is whole food-based nutrition, offered in either a capsule or chewable form, containing juice powder concent

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    Do you have an Employment Issue? LegalShield can help with any issues related to Employment Law and Your Income

    Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the economy. Many people are concerned about losing income or getting fired. Here are s

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